Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse

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Rapid Fire
About 15-20 balls are lined up on the top of the arc. A player begins at one end of the line of balls (depending on whether she is right- or left-handed), and when the whistle is blown, she quickly scoops the ball and shoots at goal. She goes around the top of the arc, shooting each ball one by one.

If this drill is done sloppily, it won't do much good. Make sure that each player bends low to get good control of the ball, takes a cradle or two and shoots accurately at the corners.


  1. Put targets in the corners of the goals.
  2. Put a goalie in.
  3. Limit the time in which each player has to shoot all of the balls.
  4. Shovel shots.

Quick Stick
This is a scoring drill that's lots of fun, but in a game situation it must be used in only the most perfect of circumstances. There are many ways to lose possession of the ball doing a Quick Stick.

There is one line at the top of the fan. One player or the coach stands behind the goal with all of the balls. The players sprint one at a time straight toward the goal and the coach lobs a ball high just as the advancing player enters the arc. The player lets the ball sink lightly into her stick, after which she quickly whips it into the goal. There is no cradling, and the ball is never brought under full control. Make sure that the player's stick does not enter the circle.

There are two lines: one at the 50 yard-line (A), and one behind the goal (B). Line B has all of the balls. Player A runs toward the goal, and player B makes a long pass to her. Player B advances to defend player A after she catches the ball. Player A attempts to dodge and out-run the defender to score, while player B tries to check and body-check player A to prevent a goal. Note: Player B must defend closely to player A while in the arc to prevent a "blocking the shooting space" or "three seconds" call in a game.


  1. Add more than one attack line and/or defense line
  2. Have the goalie make the initial throw
  3. Add a pivot point