Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse

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There are two lines at the 50 yard-line and one person between them with all of the balls. The middle person rolls a ball out ahead of both players and the first players in both lines sprint for the ball, bending deep to scoop it. Whoever comes up with the ball goes for the goal, while the other plays defense.

This drill can also be done with the balls rolling toward the two players. The center person can either roll the ball straight through the middle, or to either side to compensate for the difference in speed between the two players.

Line Drill
There are two lines facing each other, just like in the passing drill. The player starting with the ball runs out toward the other line and rolls the ball to the advancing player. That player picks it up and does the same for the next person in the first line. This drill can also be used to roll the ball away:
as the player with the ball reaches the other line, she shovels it behind her, away from the first person in the line she just reached.

There are four people in each line (make as many lines as you need). Four balls, each about 20 yards apart, are placed in front of both lines all the way up to the opposite end-line. When the whistle is blown, the first person in line sprints for the ball, picks it up and brings it back to her line. As soon as she has crossed the line, the next player sprints for the next ball, scoops it up and brings it back to her line. This continues until the last ball has been brought back and the one who reaches the line first wins.

Steal the Bacon
A ball is placed at midfield and the players are divided into two teams. Each team spreads out along opposing lines about 25 yards away from the ball (or around the circle). Each player has a number and the numbers one team coincide with those on the other. The coach calls a number and the two players who have those numbers sprint for the ball in the center. The player who picks up the ball must then cradle and cross her own line when a point is scored.

Call two numbers to have four players fighting for the ball. Make the players pass once before they can attempt to score.