Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse

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Against the Wall
Stand with your back to a wall and cradle. Try to make your stick touch the wall on both sides without dropping the ball. This is a drill in keeping your stick vertical and making sure you cradle completely from side to side.


Make a line with about 10 players standing about 4 yards apart. The rest of the players line up with all the balls. One by one, each player weaves in between the other players, back and forth, cradling from one side to the other. If the player is dodging a person to their left, then they cradle to the right and vice versa.


Pivot Points
A pivot point is a spot where a player will stop all forward movement with one foot forward and turn around by twisting her body instead of taking extra steps. If a player pivots on her left foot, for instance, she will stop with her left foot forward, and swing her cradle strong to her right, almost over her head, while twisting around and facing the way she came. Pivot points can be crucial in shaking a defender because the speed and direction is changed so quickly. Pivot points can be added to just about any drill, especially relays.