Byram Hills Youth Lacrosse

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Wall Ball

  1. Catch & Cradle  (Catch, Cradle, Move it!)
  2. Catch & Cradle Underhand  (Work on a true underhand release!)
  3. Quicksticks Closed Position  (No cradle, keep you bottom hand down)
  4. Quicksticks Open Position  (No cradle)
  5. Quicksticks Crossbody  
  6. Quicksticks Shuffle  (Depending on the space you have!)
  7. Twisters (Work on your top hand deception!)


Shooting Drills

  1. Step Up Drill  (Work on your weight transfer)
  2. Step Up and Back Drill (Weight Transfer plus explosion!)
  3. Step up and Back Drill with Catch  (Work on receiving it loaded!)
  4. Pitcher Drill  (Work on your balance + weight transfer)
  5. Pitcher Drill with Catch  (Work on catching it loaded!)
  6. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (1st Progression)  (Work on your rollback footwork!)
  7. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (2nd Progression(Add the hand exchange!)


Footwork Drills

  1.  Step Jab Drill  (Simple footwork drill for your split dodging)
  2. Stick and Split Drill  (Work on a hard stick into 2 step footwork)
  3. Left Right Drill  (Work on your dodging footwork)
  4. Skip Split Drill  (Work on footwork for your skip split)
  5. Attack the Cone  (Work on sudden change of speed and stop start)
  6. Skip Split from X  (Work on your same foot hesitation)